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When I first learned of podcasts from a fried, I thought for sure that TikiWiki would be a great container for publishing podcasts; after all TikiWiki supported RSS 2.0 surely it supports podcasts. Much to my dismay it doesn't. A little research on the topic turned up some work started by Elizabeth Dalton along with a rather strange conversation that she had in the forums about the appropriateness of podcasting with TikiWiki. Apparently there may be some that don’t consider this a worthy endeavor. Well, I think that TikiWiki file galleries are a perfect place for podcasting. In an effort to put my time where my mouth is… off I go to help out with the development. I contacted Elizabeth who graciously offered me the changes she made in her attempt. She ran smack into a rather peculiar “filter� that iTunes uses where it only allows enclosure elements whose URL ends in a supported media extension (e.g. .mp3). First I must solve that problem, then on to the real development work of seamlessly integrating podcasts into TikiWiki.
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