Amendment Schedule

NOTE: I use natural fertilizers that are slower to activate and have much less nitrogen than the commercially available fertilizers. I also use corn gluten meal for my pre-emergent which acts as a mild source of nitrogen. If you use chemical based fertilizers and/or pre-emergent, you should delay the first application until you see quite a bit of your turf grass turning green under the dead portions. You probably also should fertilize every 8 weeks rather than every 6 weeks.

  • Pre-emergent
    • 2nd Saturday of February
    • 2nd Saturday of March - only if there are March freezes or just a late spring
    • 3rd Saturday of September - earlier if there are early cold fronts
  • Fertilizer
    • 2nd Saturday of March
    • 3rd Saturday of April
    • 1st Saturday of June
    • 3rd Saturday of July
  • Image - I have bad nut sage, damit!
    • 3rd Saturday of April
    • 1st Saturday of June

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