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www.stovenour.net began as Michael Stovenour's experiment in wiki publishing. Recently it has been expanded to include other areas of interest. So far no other Stovenour's have provided content, but I certainly welcome the rest of the family. I could especially use help with graphics design. This front page can list out the family sections and we can bury my links below in a "Michael" section. It's all very easy to customize.
This is a wiki please contribute! It is super easy to add content or fix errors (like my deplorable spelling mistakes). Just register at this link and then login to update the site.

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stovenour.net gets a new server

Author: Michael Stovenour - Published Thu 17 of Dec, 2009 22:39 CST - (40297 Reads)
stovenour.net gets a new server thanks to Kenny Hood who graciously donated his athlon XP 2800+ server that was destined for a landfill. Turns out that this little server screams with linux loaded.

Replace Smoke Alarms After 10 Years

Author: Michael Stovenour - Published Tue 30 of Dec, 2008 07:48 CST - (30083 Reads)
Smoke alarms are not likely to last much over 10 years and most authorities including the NFPA recommend replacing them at 10 years. While changing my batteries, I realized that mine are 10 now. Much of my subdivision is also coming up on or already passed the 10 year mark. I did a little research to find detectors that are code compliant (in case I want to sell later) and that include carbon monoxide detection.

Mosquito Control

Author: Michael Stovenour - Published Sun 15 of Jul, 2007 11:20 CDT - (20464 Reads)
With all the recent rain, mosquitoes are invading our neighborhood. Several different species, which bite at different times of the day, live in North Texas so that no time of the day is safe. It only takes a few minutes outside for the pests to find you. A little research on the topic turned up some good information for mosquito control. The basics of mosquito control are to remove standing water; this must be done by the entire community if it is to be effective.

Podcasting Feature for TikiWiki

Author: michael - Published Sun 27 of Aug, 2006 18:47 CDT - (102203 Reads)
This wiki is being updated to support podcasts from the file galleries. There is an entire section devoted to this development effort; ckeck it out: TikiWiki Podcasting Development Project" class="wiki wiki_page">TikiWikiPodcasting

A Wiki is Born!

Author: Michael Stovenour - Published Sun 27 of Aug, 2006 11:49 CDT - (21842 Reads)
Welcome to the www.stovenour.net Wiki. This wiki site was brought to life as an experiment in Wikiness, to understand its uses, and where it might be applied to both personal and business oriented communication. Read More to discover what I believe Wiki is all about and how I plan to use it.

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