Tools I Use

cricket - Router polling RRD front and back end
drraw - Generic graphing engine for rrdtool. EXCELLENT

Miscellaneous Topics

Network Monitoring Topics

Debian Network Monitoring Blog - Some great examples and how-tos
rrd.cgi - CGI frontend for rrd tool with excellent examples of a complete rrd system
SmokePing - Latency monitor from RRDTool author Tobi Oetiker
MIBDepot - All vendors MIBs - great browser
  • Zenoss - Enterprise IT Monitoring
  • AWStats - **Must have** Apache Log Reports

Temperature Graphs

Temperature Sensor w/ DS1820 - Using serial port on Linux

Weather Graphing Topics

RRDWeather - Pulls from weather.com
angular gauges example code

Using SSH

The 101 Uses of OpenSSH: Part II of II - Great explaination of SSH tunneling including how public keys work

Implementing Wi-Fi


Interference: Wi-Fi horrors
Tip: Throw out your 2.4G cordless phones and purchase 5.8G phones


Longer Range N/B/G: Belkin F5D82314 - Wireless Router N1 ~$90
Longer Range B/G: Belkin F5D9230-4 - Wireless G-Plus MIMO Router ~$60
Tried and true: Linksys WRT54G - Wireless Router ~$50

Increasing Open Field Range

HyperLink Technologies - Parts for all thins RF
NetStumbler - Power and Noise measurements

Streaming Audio Protocols



  • Receivers
    • Many mid-range audio receivers (Pioneer VSX-60)
  • Senders
    • Windows Media Player 10/11

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