Linux Custom Install

At work I need to create a custom install DVD for a Redhad based linux product. The installation DVD provided by manufacturing assumes our fixed hardware platform. I want to load it on my dual-boot laptop hard disk. So I'm off to reverse engineer the DVD.

Initial Steps that I "think" are required:

  • Copy the DVD (or mounted ISO) to a folder under a linux distro (debian?)
  • Edit the files I need to customize the installation
    • Learn all about isolinux and the CD/DVD boot process under it
    • Reverse engineer how the DVD works
    • Figure out which parts need to be modified
      • Disk partitioning for sure
  • Write the directory structure back to an iso image
  • Add the boot sector code to the iso (??)

isolinux boot process

Isolinux HowTo for newbies

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