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Not completely Debian specific....
Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL
Mondo Rescue
DebianHelp - rsync Backup Web interface or GUI Tools
rsnapshot - rsync based full backups to disk w/ incremental snapshots
dirvish - rsync based full backups to disk w/ incremental snapshots
rdiff-backup - rsync based incremental backups of a directory
pyBackpack - GUI based
HomeUserBackup - GUI based Ubuntu project

Just simple rsync:
cd /home/me/
rsync -avz ./Documents me@


Some of these are not specific to Debian
  • Query Hardware Information
cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /proc/meminfo
dmesg | less
Poke around in /proc/ide

Wish List

A combination of both logwatch and logcheck

I really like the way that logwatch summarized events with counts. I really like the way that every Debian package comes with rulesets for logcheck. For now I'll stick with logwatch because logcheck is just too verbose. If I really want to know the details, like timestamp, of events, I'll just go look in the log files!

A backup system like iBackup that is configured like logcheck

iBackup is great but adding new backup targets required modifying the source files. Updating iBackup to a new version then becomes a major merge effort. What if iBackup was just a framework? Then each application would have specific configuration files that specifies "what" to backup. Each package could then contain iBackup specific files just like packages contain logcheck files.
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