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OK, I am a big fan of Howard Garrett, but I have not mastered the completely organic method of lawn maintenance. I have eliminated the use of all pesticides in my yard. But I still use some items that would make Howard breath a deap sigh. Below I will list the chemicals that I use in and around my lawn. I will also try to list organic alternatives where I use inorganic substances.

Grass Killer

This one is right up top because I use it the most often, not the most but most often. I try to use it sparingly but find it to be the only effective way to keep Bermuda and St. Augustine grass in control.


Yes, I admit it. I don't use an organic spray for this one. To be real honest I have never tried vinegar but Howard says it works real well.


Howard Garrett recommends the use of a vinegar spray.


Here I only use organic substances like garlic pepper tea. Take a look at the excellent list of organic pesticide formulas on the Howard Garrett Dirt Doctor website. There is just too much risk from the nerve agents use in commercial pesticides for me. Plus the commercial pesticides will broadly kill much of the insect populations in the yard. This is a bad thing since many of those insects are beneficial and promote a healthier, easier to maintain yard.



Nut Sedge Control

Nut sedge is a hearty weed that resists nearly all attempts at manual removal. I did find that in St. Augustine and Bermuda lawns it is possible to manually remove nut sedge but it takes several years and is time consuming. The key to permanent removal is to get the plans when they are young and have not produced tubular bulbs under the ground. For chemical control you can try either Manage or Image. Image is easier to buy now days; nearly every home improvement retailer has it. Manage must be ordered online and is much harder to mix / apply because it requires a surfactant. Image works for most southern lawns. Unfortunately my new home was sodded with bentgrass so my only option is Manage. Manage is now called SedgeHammer.

Manage Suppliers

Sulfentrazone 0.05%

Found this ready mix bottle that claims to be suitable for bentgrass. I like the idea of the spray bottle because I only have a small area affected and I can spot treat.

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