Automation Network-Protocols


Automation Networks

Networking protocols that define the physical, datalink, network, transport, and session layers.


Zigbee References - My Zigbee Development References
ZigBee Aliance
WikiPedia ZigBee specification Overview
ZigBee Standard FAQ - This is a good overview of the v1.0 and v1.1 standards along with the public profiles being developed
Download ZigBee Technical Documents - The "Home Automation Public Profile" and "Zigbee Cluster Library" documents are finally available for downloading!


Z-Wave Alliance
Z-Wave Overview
zwave @ linuxha.com
  • Zensys
Zensys - Owner of intellectual property
Products & Technology
  • Panasonic
Panasonic PAN8550 - Z-Wave module
PAN8550 Evaluation board
    • I can not find this module or eval board for sale anywhere
  • ControlThink
User Forums
  • Z-Wave Products
Z-Wave Superstore
HomePro Z-Wave Products - Serial Interface
Wayne Dalton

TinyOS - Opensource software and hardware platform

TinyOS - Home Page
Student Project - Using TinyOS and CC1010 radios
TI CC1010 - Integrated 300-1000 MHz RF Transceiver and Microcontroller


MBLogic - mod-bus implementation in python
Wikipedia: ModBus


Wikipedia: CANopen
Wikipedia: Controller Area Network
CAN Overview - BOSCH site
CAN Festival - Opensource CAN stack
CAN Remote Automation and Control with the AVR - CAN based version of what I want to build with Zigbee


X10 Home Automation KB


INSTEON at SmartHome
iLinks - Linux based INSTEON application w/ source

Automation Protocols

Physical layer independent automation protocols

VSCP - Very Simple Control Protocol

VSCP - Main Site
This is an excellent physical layer independent protocol with applications including configuration management, device profiles, etc. Very opensource! Generally centered around the CAN physical layer but other physical layers are defined.
VSCP Development - My VSCP development notes

xPL - xAP fork

xPL Project - Main Site
xPL Forums - Main Discussion Lists
xPL Project Wiki
xPL Overview
XPL Links - Links on the XPL site
XPL Enabled Devices
xPL Primer

xAP - An Open Standard for the Home

While I consider xAP an automation protocol, it has it's own complete suite of applications developed specifically for xAP. Nearly all are closed source. See my rant on everyone's attempt to be the best of breed for all applications.
xAP an Open Standard for the Home - Main Site
xAP User Forum
xAP Developer Forum
Home Autiomation Central - Practal xAP in action
xAP,::::: framework on Windows" class="wiki wiki_page">xAPFramework - My experience setting up xAP
  • xAP/xPL on RS485
MMWAVE xAP Lightswitch – Specification - Good example of a RS485 xAP implementation and a good example of a well documented specification
xPL/xAP - RS 485 Suggested Protocol
xPL post subject: RS 485 Protocol


Was EIB - European Installation Bus
KNX wikipedia page
KNX Developers Home Page - Good reference information for EIB
KNX Association
Automation Systems Group - Open Source implementation


Physical Layer Definitions




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