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I'm just getting started with Contiki and exploring how it is put together and how it is modified for new platforms.

Contiki Wiki


Contiki on the Arduino hardware

zxombie / contiki-arduino
- Not much discussion but complete source code

General How-Tos for existing platforms:

Tutorial: Running Contiki 2.1 on the Tmote Sky - Instructions for Cygwin based development
Tutorial: Running Contiki with uIPv6 and SICSlowpan Support on the Atmel Raven - Instructions for AVRs
Setting up Eclipse for Contiki Development

Contiki Platform Development Notes

List the supported TARGETs:
ls -l /home/user/contiki-2.3/platform | grep -v CVS

Contiki 1.x Platforms

It looks like the AVR Contiki port was removed from the 2.x branch. It might require an entirely new port effort to get it running again. I really want to use one multitasking OS for all the cube modules but I don't need the IP stack on every node. Contiki 2.x might be overkill and it might be very difficult to scale it back.

Hitmen Contiki 1.x Archive

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