The lab project uses the cube CCM as an analog / digital capture and analysis system. The software is based on the cube simple object model. Any cube application module that exposes a simple data object can potentially be read and graphed by the PC lab software. In this concept the PC user interface begins by polling the attached cube to determine the objects that are exposed by the hardware. The user is then allowed to select one or more simple objects to read or control.

This project might even be the very first to implement the PC communication interface. I had intended to build the reflow oven controller as the first project. Part of that project requires a PC interface that exposes the temperature sensor data for viewing. The lab is a natural base for the reflow oven controller.


I think this will run on the Arduino boards (clock speed may be an issue). That means that the cube CCM is all that's needed. This project is basically a PC application that performs analog and digital I/O using Arduino like hardware. The difference is that neither the PC nor AVR software will fit into the cube object data model. The cube object model standardizes how all sensor and actuator objects are read and controlled. That same object model is used when communicating to a PC application. Both the AVR and PC software will need to be modified to fit the cube concept.

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