PIC References

PIC References

PIC Tutorial Hardware - Perfect example of the stacking concept
Virtual Cogs - Freescale version of the stacking concept
dsPIC Flex Boards - A dsPIC version of the stacking concept
iRX 2.2 - OS

Board Stacking

The idea is to be able to create a multi-board stack. Doing this requires a special board interconnect. See page 89 in the AMP interconnect manual. The problem with these is that they are "press" fit and expensive!
  • Receptacle Assembly 173145
  • Post Hood 173144
  • Post Header 173146

Samtec ESQ Series - ESQ-110-14-T-D
Samtec SSA - Not really made for stacking since socket is only rated to .022 DIA but the pins are .025 SQ. Still the long pin (wire wrap style) will likely work.

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