Debian Config Log

Log of configuration and application changes for this server

Adding anonymous contact capability

I meant for this to exist all along, but apparently it must be enabled in two separate places. "General->Contact us" and "Feature->Contact us (anonymous)". To make the web form work, I also had to add permissions for group anonymous: tiki_p_messages --> true

Let the spammers loose! I'm hiding behind my desk now.

MIMEDefang Rocks

I now have MIMEDefang configured to divert all spamassassin qualified spam to a local user account for manual sorting. I also configured it to copy all other mail to the same account. I then experimented with an Outlook IMAP account to determine when Outlook will mangle the messages. Turns out that simply moving mail between folders in the same IMAP account does not mangle the message, but moving mail to a different account will cause Outlook to rewrite the entire message. Now I just need to figure out how to semi-automate the bayes learning process.

spamassassin learning - or not!

I setup IMAP so that I could move spam and ham email into folders for sa-learn only to realize that Outlook was stripping headers and rewriting the entire mail message when moving it to the IMAP folder. Damit! Now why would the Outlook product team think they needed to do that? Turns out that the bayes autolearning was learning spam as ham and, since my IMAP trick was goofing up the messages, learning from the mistakes was not correcting the autolearning mistakes. Turns out that bayes was significantly lowering spam threshold by autolearning spam. So for now I have bayes turned off in spamassassin.

I am looking to have MIMEDefang copy all spam messages to a spam folder and then copy all other messages to a ham folder. I'll then need to load some type of mail client that will allow me to shuffle between those categories w/o disturbing the headers. But what client to use.....

Changing out the wu-pop3d daemon for dovecot

To effectively train the spamassassin bayes filtering, I decided that IMAP folders for spam and ham training would be the easiest to use. I had previously installed the wu-pop3d package, but looking at the debian support it appears that the package is stuck at the 2002 release. For IMAP I need some of the more recent updates that have SSL, etc. Dovecot on the other hand appears to have much better Debian support. So here I go..... Wish me luck.

Adding dovecot-imapd dovecot-pop3d

First Post - Background of Configuration

This blog will keep a confiuration log of the changes made to the server for future reference and for others to see what I choose and why. This first post will "eventually" contain a complete list of the configuration as of 11/4/2006. The server has been up a while, but I need to start somewhere.

Current OS and Applications:
Debian Sarge
sendmail sendmail-doc #pulls in procmail
ntp ntp-simple ntp-doc ntpdate ntp-server
ngrep tethereal traceroute
vim vim-common vim-doc vim-scripts

libapache2-mod-php4 # Below are for TikiWiki

python # dfrs
sasl2-bin openssl # Mail

clamav-freshclam #installs clamav w/ internet based updates