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Pool Fill: Debugging ESP8266 with no serial port

I realized that once I hook in the command library it will take over the serial port. If I write debugging information it will send that to the connected AVR which should ignore it as garbage. (note to self: make sure command library can detect garbage) There is a solution using a second serial port on the ESP8266, but it is only one way because the RX pin can not be used. I would also need to make an adapter for my FTDI cable. Then I had an idea; why not just publish an MQTT debug topic? It seems like this might be handy even after development is done for debugging live issues. I planned to add MQTT support regardless so it should be relatively easy to add another topic.
  1. Research and install MQTT broker on local LAN
  2. Configure the MQTT Arduino client
  3. Add MQTT configuration parameters to the web configuration screen