uC General


Project Sites

uCHobby - +++ Really Good
solderhead.com - Lists of lists
Parallax Educational Texts - Hardcover books are for sale but the PDFs are free to download
Makezine Arduino Archive
Electronics Lab
Yourtronics: DIY, Electronics, IT and Gadgets
Cornell ECE4760 Designing with Microcontrollers - Lots of great reference material
Jee Lab - Great AVR examples with hardware and code; Arduino compatable; MIT License

RF Based Hardware


RF TX/RX w/ Sensors for 1-wire, X-10, and Oregon Scientific
http://ibuttonlink.com/ - Complete 1-wire sensor products
IP Enabled / Grid Connect - Ethernet based sensors
DigiTemp - Temperature sensors for Linux
Hobby Boards - 1-wire sensors, etc. with complete schematics
Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control - Lots of handy sensors at great prices. Also good source for cheap 20x4 LCDs
DIY Smoke Detector Interface
Single Supply OP Amps - PT100 Example
Precision Analog Applications - TI app. note for analog instrumentation
Tuning a PID Temperature Controller
Parallax Applied Sensors - Student Guide; very detailed and covers lots of sensors
  • LM335Z - $1.20 Temperature sensor; analog
  • TMP75 - $0.90 i2c +/- 1.5c Temperature sensor
  • TMP102 - $1.90 i2c +/- 0.5c

uC Interfacing

SD Card Display Controller - Updates an SD card in real time that is connected to a picture frame. This would be super cool if I added a Zigbee interface!
SC16IS752/SC16IS762 - Dual UART with I2C-bus/SPI interface, 64 bytes of transmit and receive FIFOs, IrDA SIR built-in support
DS1307 I2C RTC
DS3232 RTC I2C - expensive; accurate; temp. compensation
DS1390/91/92 SPI RTC
DS1672 I2C 1 second counter - has power on reset and trickle charger for backup battery

Using Cell Phone LCDs

Berty's Home Page - Cell Phone LCD Pinouts and Code
Nokia 2260 / 3260

Complete Projects

LED Alarm Clock w/ schematic
HVAC Zoning - Excellent example of how software development should be done.
Cyber Rain - Z-Wave based 8 zone sprinkler controller
Power Management - 6-Channel DMX Dimmer - Real zero crossing circuit for a MCU
AVR Based Power Supply - Uses same basic components as in my existing power supply (LM723 + pass Transistor)
AVR Logic Analyzer - Processing based w/ PC app
and source

Reference Platforms


TINI Home Page - Maxim Site
Unofficial TINI Information Site
Crossbow Technology - Zigbee and TinyOS platforms
Atmel AVR Butterfly
eurosource - VSCP/CAN based platforms

Open Source

wiring - Open source hardware platform with lots of software support; Atmel ATMEGA128; wiring OS/language
Ethernut - Open source Ethernet microcontroller reference design ATMEGA128 and ARM7; NutOS
Make Controller Kit - Ethernet, CAN, USB, I/O; Atmel ARM7; freeRTOS
opnode - Open HW automation reference platform; ARM7; uClinux port
Arduino,:::::.cc" rel="external">Arduino - Open source hardware platform (ATmega168 based) **Most promising
Atmel ATNGW100 - $89 dual Ethernet board that runs Linux; AVR32 based

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